Our Annual Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan prepares you for both the Arizona Summer Heat and the Winter Cold

Heating Systems

Maintenance & Repair

An efficient Heating System not only keeps you warm it also saves on your heating bill. Our factory trained technicians can install or repair Central Heating / Gas Furnace Systems, Wall Furnace Systems, Floor Furnace Systems or Integrated Heat Pump Systems to ensure you stay warm on those cold winter nights.

Air Conditioning Systems

Cooling Systems

Our Annual Maintenance Plan is just what you need to get your cooling system ready for the relentless Arizona Summer. Our expertise includes all Air Conditioning Systems and Integrated Heat Pump Systems repair or replacement.

Excellent Support

Excellent Support is just a phone call away!

The foundation of Around the Sun Heating & Cooling is our core belief in Honesty, Dependability and Client Trust, all characteristics of Outstanding Customer Support. Call 480.545.1721 to get your questions answered or to set up an appointment.